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Happy Snappy Apples - First Strategy Game for Kids - For Ages 3+ - A Fun Motor Skills Game for Children and Families

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Pick these apples happy or they'll get snappy! Happy Snappy Apples is a simple, interactive game where players compete to pick the most apples without moving the crossbar. Pull back the crossbar and fill the game board with apples. Release the crossbar and push all the apples together. Now, players can take turns to pick apples and score the most points but don't let that crossbar move or snap! Larger apples are worth more points. Practice turn-taking, fine motor skills and arithmetic while having fun! With room for 2-4 players, this game is a great option for game nights, playdates or sleepovers. | Includes: 1 wooden game board, 33 wooden apples in 3 sizes and instructions.

Key Features :

i : IT'S APPLE PICKIN' TIME -- Can you find the ripe apples? Test your dexterity and problem solving abilities with Happy Snappy Apples. But watch out for unripe apples or the crossbar may shift or snap!
ii : HOW TO PLAY -- Pull the crossbar back and fill the board with apples. Start picking apples for points. If the crossbar moves when you pick an apple, throw it out. The player with the most points wins!
iii : ACTION-PACKED FOR GAME NIGHT! -- Challenge family or friends to an apple-picking showdown. If things get snappy, it's anyone's game!
iv : FOR 2-4 PLAYERS -- With room for 2-4 players, this party game is perfect for game nights, playdates, sleepovers and more.
v : SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE -- Just pull back the crossbar, place your apples and start picking. With such a simple setup, you'll have plenty of time for "just one more game!"
vi : WHAT'S IN THE GAME -- Includes 1 wooden game board, 33 wooden apples in 3 sizes and instructions.
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