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Sound Prism Set - Set of 12

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This set comprises 12 hardwood triangular prisms with 6 pairs identifiable by matching, colored musical notes and a unique sound when shaken. Prisms are 2"L x 2.4"H x 2.4"D. • Musical blocks help with personal development. Sensory play with these fun, wooden blocks can assist with language development, problem solving and motor skills. • Help children develop their listening skills. A colored musical note only appears on one side of the prisms so they can be turned upside-down to test discriminatory skills. • Constructed with hardwood, these blocks have a smooth, warm feel, rounded edges and can be used indoors or outdoors. • Helps learners in their sensory development and understanding of the world through sound.

Key Features :

i : 6 PERCUSSION TONES -- These blocks contain different contents, which produce different rattle-like sounds when the prisms are shaken. Children love to shake and listen to the woody sounds!
ii : PLEASE NOTE -- Sound Prism blocks produce different rattle-like tones. They do not produce different musical notes.
iii : HELP YOUR CHILD'S SENSORY DEVELOPMENT -- Play with these multi sensory musical blocks and learn to discriminate between sounds and identify colors.
iv : MADE FOR KIDS -- Constructed of high quality hardwood, these learning blocks have a smooth, warm feel and feature rounded edges.
v : CLEVER DESIGN -- One side of each block features a colored musical note that can be used to visually identify pairs. Hide it to use sound as the identifier!
vi : GREAT FOR GAME PLAY -- Build problem solving skills, develop coordination and assist language development with this beautiful wooden toy.
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